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These are 8 Websites to Earn Money Online | Real Earning |

These are 8 Websites to Earn Money Online

A lot of people desire to earn money online but are at a loss on how to make this idea a reality to bring in revenue,in this article l will be glad to share with you these 8 Websites to earn money online and this is going to be filled with really good information and l guarantee you that these are a wide variety of different websites where you can earn at least a $50 per day.

The truth is that a lot of people want to have a passive income, work from home and live a life of financial freedom without knowing how to go about it but l will like to let you know that information is power and you have to seek information to be informed.

l am willing to take you through every step of the way on how you can leverage your online presence and  earn a good income, and l also want to use this opportunity to let online users both young and old that there is a great opportunity in this present generation, the fact that you are a youth and in school does not limit you from earning money, instead of browsing for fun, browse for cash. 


Alright! Let’s get in the real thing!

The 1st website l recommend to earn money online is :


The websites to earn money onlin

Upwork is a website for freelancers. You can personally work on this website or hire someone to work for you, it comes in two ways.

You have to understand that technology has advanced and businesses today understand the power of using the internet and frankly, if you are in business and you are not using the power of the internet to grow your business, you are doing something wrong.

UPWORK.com has a world of opportunities where businesses get done faster, individuals and companies come here to hire people to do a particular task. They connect with Freelancers to work on projects from social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, web and mobile app development to SEO, general virtual assistant.

So if for instance, you have skills in any of the above-listed job descriptions, all you need to do is go to Upwork.com, sign up and fill out a form.

UPWORK hires, work and pay the best professionals always by making it simple and cost-effective for business owners. If you have skills, want to make money and can use the computer very well, this is a great way to earn money online.


The 2nd website to earn money is:



Bring your image to life


This is a website where people go to buy images, video clips, and music tracks. Isn’t it a wonder to know that anything that pertains to nature, life and the world itself is profitable and capable of generating income today?.

People across the globe in businesses, entrepreneurs come to this website to purchase images, video clips, and music tracts. The question is How do you make money from this website?

It works in two ways. You can either become a direct seller or an affiliate to Shutterstock. It has a free sign up and all you need to do is get quality images, video clips or music tracks and upload your media to this website.

And everytime someone buys or purchases any of your media, you are getting royalties from that purchase and whats cool about this is, this can be a great source of passive income.

As you upload your content, people can purchase at any time, it could be in a week, month or year, it doesn’t matter but as long as people are buying it, you will be making money from it. That’s what is cool about Shutterstock.com


The 3rd website to earn money is:



Clickbank as an amazing platform to earn money


Clickbank is an affiliate marketing site, how does it work?. Clickbank is an amazing site with different categories where you select a particular niche. The three great niche l recommend is Wealth, Health and Relationship. These three niches are most profitable in the online world.

When you go through the different categories and select a particular niche of your choice, for instance, Wealth, you go through the products available and place this product on your link or website, whenever someone made a purchase of this product through your link, you make a commission. amazing isn’t it?.

If you do this right and are consistent with your promotion, you make a lot of money, some people are making six figures in a month from affiliate marketing. Clickbank is an amazing platform for you to start making money online and sign up is free.

But the constraint l have with Clickbank is that it discriminates, some countries like Nigeria is excluded from joining the affiliate program but not to worry, there are other friendly websites listed in this article that you can join and start earning good money on a daily basis.


The 4th website to earn money is:



The #1 marketplace for buy and sell business


Flippa is all about flipping websites. It is a #1 marketplace to buy and sell online businesses. It is a most established marketplace for selling digital properties.

The overview of this website is, there are websites out there that are already existing, and the question is, why would you buy an existing website? The answer is simple, with Flippa, you can purchase a domain that is already making money or sell a domain you have that is also making money on Flippa.

If you are a successful internet entrepreneur, you can build a profitable business at Flippa using your skills. Working at Flippa is simple and easy, it uses a great user interface and user experience that can help you to find your way around upon registration. You can sell any type of website or app you developed.


The 5th website to earn money is:



Build your dream business

Fiverr is a great website to make money on the internet, it is where you turn your idea into a business, a digital marketplace where people can find and purchase any service they need and build any business they dream.

Here in Fiverr, there are so many different things you can do, figure out what your skills are and what you are good at that you can start making money with.

For example, Fiverr have under category,  writing, they have resumes cover letter, can you write? If yes you can start making money here, they also have proofreading, editing, creative writing, video editor and so many. You can check  Fiverr.com here  

Writing is one area, digital marketing is another, graphic designs, live coach, social media experts, music and video animation and so much more, so you can see that people come to this website and pay other people which could be you for doing something for them and its pretty simple and a great website to earn money.


The 6th website to earn money is:



Using Pinterest to earn money online

Pinterest is not just a social media as a lot of people think, but a great website and avenue to earn good passive income. Initially, l thought people use Pinterest to create inspirational boards and the likes, l had no idea that each image linked to a  website to make money on Pinterest.

When l realize this, instead of Googling for any information, l would rather search for ideas on Pinterest. Whatever ideas you are looking for, be it home decors, beauty hacks, travel tips, fashion, name it, you find all on Pinterest.

What you have to put in mind about Pinterest is that it is a visual search engine and people are making a tone of money through Pinterest.

Ask me how?


When you make a little search on a particular niche, like Weight Loss, and you have all the pins in that category that have to do with weight loss, now more likely when you click on any of the Pins, it goes back to a website and gives good and valuable information but whats better is that they have something there they are selling and that’s how people make money.

What if you don’t have anything you are selling, you don’t have a product, how could you monetize it?  Remember l told you a website called Clickbank?

So you can pick a niche or a product from Clickbank and start using Pinterest in creating pins that lead back to your website where you are promoting a product as in affiliate. Pretty simple and cool.

So Pinterest is an amazing website to make money, here you enjoy what you are doing, it’s really fun and a good business.


The 7th website to earn money is:



YouTube - Awesome website for money making

Youtube is an awesome visual search engine where people come looking for information, reviews, and solutions for their problems, and also come looking for fun and hangouts and the likes.

Now if you have information that you can help people with and you have a product or service tied to it, you can make a lot of money. Am not talking about money that you made through ads if you have a youtube channel, no! that is just a bonus money.

Am talking about growing your business through Youtube and how can you do that?

First, what skills do you have, what is your passion, what are you good at doing? Then create a niche from your skill, go to Youtube.com

and sign up for create. Create a youtube channel, make your own videos, upload to youtube and start building your audience that can lead to conversions.


The 8th website to earn money is:


Wealthy Affiliate is a home of affiliate marketing

For online beginners, and those that are looking for everything needed to create a successful online business, Wealthy Affiliate is the right place.

Wealthy Affiliate is a home of affiliate marketers that cater for people with zero knowledge in online business. Here, you will discover the process of earning revenue online, start your own business online. In a nutshell, Wealthy Affiliate is a place to learn, build and a scale a successful online business.

I will be glad to leave you with a link where you will learn all about Wealthy Affiliate and how it works.  Click Here


Am glad to have shared this simple but useful information on the 8 Websites You can Earn Money Online.

Stay tuned for more useful tips on Online Earning that will constantly come your way, and please if you have found this article useful, like and share and drop a comment below with any question you have.

Want to know 8 websites to earn money ?




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  • Jacqueline

    Hi Ada,
    Thanks for this great review.
    I wasn’t aware that Shuttershock had an affiliate program. I will check this out as I have a lot of pictures that may be useful to someone.

    On another note, I have a personal Pinterest account but I have heard that there is also a Pinterest Business account.
    I’d love to use Pinterest to monetize my website.
    Do you think I can utilize my Personal account or should I create a Business account?


    • Ada

      l Jacqueline.

      Yes Shutterstock has an affiliate program that is very lucrative, one can make daily good earnings from it if followed properly, go ahead and give it a try. On monetising your Pinterest account, l will advice you go for Pinterest Business account that will give you optimal value.

      Thanks for visiting.