The Most Simple Steps To Earn Money Online – First 3 Steps

Website, Content, Traffic

Do People Actually Earn Money Online?
I asked the same question too, and the more l tried to find out the truth, the more l get confused without knowing what to do or how to go about it.

Though it’s not as easy as it sounds,  the question is, “how the gaga do you make this money online”?

But the truth of it all is that, Yes you can conveniently make money all by yourself online without working for or reporting to anybody, even right on your bed or in your kitchen. On a lighter mood…, O.Y.O. You are on your own. The boss at the top.

There are so many ways you can earn money online the same way people earn money offline.
Sounds Good right?  Ok, good.

Is the question this?

 How Do You Earn  Money  Online?

Following, are few approaches that can help you get rocking.

Step 1: Approach To Online Earning =

     A Website ⇒⇒

Yes a Website, You being seen all over the World. Plain and simple.
You need a Website of your own, where you showcase your potentials,  your passion,  and your interest.Simple Steps To Online Earning
You can’t have something the World is looking for and not be found or reached.
People have businesses, ideas, great potentials without a Website and they end up digging around.

Not having a Website for your business is equivalent to having ideas and potentials without utilizing it.
Have it at the back of your mind that you have what the World is looking for.

A Website is that solid foundation of your business, ideas and potentials that showcases who you are, your talent and your worth, very important it is the link to your revenue.
Get your priorities right, set the foundation deep to build an impactful solution and you will be very successful online and offline. I would like to extend this by helping you to create your own Money making Website in case if you don’t have one yet. Click Here♦

Step 2: Creating Your Visual Site = Content.

Now, your website is on, the next step is creating your content. Content is the attraction of your website that brings a good deal of traffic to your site through SEO.
It is your ability to engage your visitors to build a relationship that will lead to revenue and creating your brand which leads to a good business.

Content can be mix up of things, from a video. Audio, text to comments or dialogue, in fact, whatever that keeps your audience engaged or draws their attention to your website is a quality Content.

Secondly, Quality Contents attracts Earnings.? To learn how to create a quality Content, Click Here♦.


Step 3: Pumper to Pumper = Traffic

Let your focus here be on the user experience and by this, people would want to come to your website and Google will also identify with you and guess what? revenue will be at your finger tip. But remember there is no short cut in doing this, build your website and get a domain name for your business, then  Content births Traffic on your Website.

There are also other simple steps to earn money online and become successful:

  •  Writing Quality Content
  • Creating Videos.
  • Getting Rankings in Google (this is next to Content)
  •  Paid Traffic
  • Ad Buys

If you are willing to learn extensively about Online Success and to start off your own Online business, Join Here and l will be willing to help and guide you through. Here you get an education in online business. All that l have listed above can be learned in a simple and easy format here. Whatever help you need in earning and making money online is here. Then start off building your free website as well.

Step 4: Have Your Own Shop = Money Earning   

This is where the excitement began. A lot of simple steps you can earn money from a site that has traffic.

1. Selling Affiliate Products
2. Selling Amazon Products
3. Selling Advertising
4. Selling Your Own Products
5. Selling the Actual Website
6. Google AdSense  ( Advertising on your site)



Well, information is Wealth.
What are you waiting for? There is no impossibility in whatsoever you set your mind to do because all things are possible if you believe.
Once you create your website, get content and some traffic, shoot and don’t look back.
Go for it, Earn That Extra Money you desire for, whether you want to Earn as a part time or substantial living, you have it on your palm.

For more detailed training on how to Earn Money Online, Click Here.
Success for you all the way.


Pls feel free to leave your comments below if you have any question or clarifications and l will be glad to offer my help.


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Written by: Ada

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  • Carl

    Thank u so much for the information. Your points for starting a business online are spot on and just what is needed to begin your adventure online. 🙂
    So does it cost money to get started? I have seen quite a few sites and some of them are REALLY expensive and way out of my price range, lol.
    Anyway thanks again for the information and I am sure it will help a lot of people.


    • Thanks Carl for stopping by, no it doesn’t cost money to get started on Wealthy Affiliate and like you said some
      sites are really expensive and as a starter you don’t have to spend such an amount of money to begin your online business.
      I appreciate, thanks always.