Online Shoe Business As A Lucrative Business

   Online Shoe Business is Lucrative and cheaper to Start


Lucrative Shoe Business


Opportunities don’t come with a silver spoon, it sometimes comes in disguise. With the rising of internet usage, there is nothing that is taken to the online world that doesn’t have a lucrative opportunity on its own.

Shoes are one of the major fashion trends of life, and no dressing is complete without a shoe, It is a wide source product that is in demand up to a newborn baby. It is a basic necessity and a pressing need, it serves its purpose from baby boomers, children, teenagers, youths young adults, middle-aged and through to the old.

Before you can venture into a shoe business offline, you will need a considerable start-up cost for rent, location, logistics, staffs, interest on a loan. Offline business is where your store is in a particular location and customers get to come to you for your services.

But how about a situation whereby you don’t have a huge capital to invest in your dream business, what will you do? There is a great opportunity to earn a lucrative and profitable income regularly just by selling shoes online from the wherever country you live.

Humans wear shoes, in other words, everybody wears shoes whether it is trendy or not. Shoes are part of fashion and as it may be, part of considered aspect of life. To start off an online shoe business likewise other businesses, there are things to put into consideration, don’t just jump at it because you see other people in the business doing well.

Remember you are not going to sell your shoes physically whereby you have a store in a particular location and customers will have to come to you to patronise you, but you are going to be selling online, as a matter of fact, you won’t be seeing your customers to determine size range, choice of color and design. So a careful consideration should be taken while choosing your brand, aesthetics, creativity, presentation, and visuals.

There is a great opportunity to earn a lucrative and profitable income regularly just by selling shoes online from Nigeria or wherever country you live. Humans wear shoes, in other words, everybody wears shoes whether it is trendy or not. Shoes are part of fashion and as it may be, part of considered aspect of life.


Things to consider before starting an online shoe business

  • Who is your Target Market
  •  What type of shoe do you want to sell online
  • Where to source the shoes
  • Where to sell the shoes
  • How to sell the shoes online
  • What brand of shoe to sell

Who is your Target market

Before you start a shoe business online, you must consider it valuable to know your Niche, target buyers, your customers, in the online world it is called traffic. Some people are a jack of all trade as long as the business is open, it doesn’t matter, but Considering your target market first results to a long-term business success.

How to identify your target market:

  • You will identify your target market through the type of shoes you are going to sell.  *
  • You will identify your target market through geographical location but in the online world, this does not count.
  • You identify your target market through your website niche, for example, don’t run a food website and a shoe business page together.


What type of shoe do you want to sell?

In this category, you will still find your Niche important See different shoe categories below;

  • Women Shoes: Sandals, flats, heels. wedge, slippers, gladiators, boots, flip-flop
  • Men’s Shoes: loafers, chukkas, work shoes, boots, sneakers trainers, dress shoes, flip-flop
  • Children Shoe: infants, toddlers,
  • Sports Shoe: men, women, children, youths
  • Designers Shoes: Steve Madden, Michael Kors, Channel, Christian Louboutin, Prada, Jimmy Choo
  • Shoes for Seniors: Easy Spirit Traveltime clog, Hush Puppies Power Walker, Merrel encore Gust shoes

The above shoe category will help you to determine your lucrative and target market when starting an online shoe business.

Everybody wears shoe.

Where to source the shoes.

Your Design or Product- If you have your personal shoe design to sell online, you have to put your Niche into consideration by knowing the category of the production line to venture into. Go through the categories listed above and choose your manufacturing line.

It is very important and advisable to choose a brand that is in line with your niche, remember you are selling online not offline, your target market should be able to find you easily on the internet and identify you through your website or blog.

If you don’t have your personal brand, that means you will source your product from other companies who have by becoming an Affiliate – An Affiliate is where you sell or market other peoples product and get a commission. This method is widely used online and is found very lucrative and profitable. You can as well source shoes directly from manufacturers in partnership.

Where to Sell the shoes.

Your store is basically online which adds a great advantage to your business because the Internet has a huge database that is open to a wide range of Traffic, humans or prospective customers.

Learn How to belong to the Internet World with this step by step Online Training.

How to sell shoes online

Before you can start an online shoe business, you must have the following –

  • A Computer
  • An Internet Connection
  • A Website Or Blog

Learn how to create your website or blog in just 30 minutes.

Online Platforms to sell shoes

– eBay

– amazon



-Payless ShoeSource Inc

What brand of shoe to sell

This is where you choose your brand, an interest that could sell easily. your brand is what attracts your target audience to your e-store and it must be in line with your niche. Consider that online world is not a dumping ground, it has rules that govern the setup which yields to success.

Certain Rules that guide Online Business

  • Ideas
  • Consistency
  • Persistency
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Change
  • Services


Ideas on selling shoes online.

⇒⇒⇒⇑⇑ the above rules are coined from my personal opinion.⇑⇑


Moving forward on how Online Shoe Business Is Lucrative And Cheaper To Start, you have to:

Develop a Marketing and Selling Strategy.

Remember you don’t have an offline or a physical store, all your dealings go through the internet or online.

There is a lot of competition and you have to stand out and be unique. Despite the tremendous sellers online, there are still millions of buyers, it is indeed a large market.

On your online store, you have to provide:

1- A description that informs targeted keyword to identify your brand or product. Be detailed in your product description, with clear picture and detailed information about the product.

See an example below.


2- Engage your product or shoes in a professional quality picture. You must convince your customers why your shoe is the best and most fashionable through picture presentation, remember they are not with you physically to see what they are buying and make their choice. CONVICTION is the keyword here.

3- You must have a secure payment platform. Nobody wants to lose money through scams. securing a genuine payment platform have to go with trust, your customers should be able to trust your online store to release their payment card. If you are a Newbie, l advise you start by having an e-store first with eBay, Amazon and the likes.

4- Whichever brand you are selling, you must explain the allure of your brand to your shoppers. Whether your customers know the name of the brand you carry or not, they need a conviction and encouragement before spending their money.

5- Focus and maintain the line of your Niche.


 Side benefits in Online Shoe Business.

Despite the fact that your Niche is to sell a particular brand shoe online, you still have the opportunity to earn lucratively through:

  • Adverts
  • Google AdSense
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Grammarly

and other reputable companies that might find your site relevant to advertising.

You can also earn lucratively through Affiliate Companies

Shoes are a great Niche and it attracts great traffic regardless of the programs that you choose, be confident and determined to chase your dream, good things don’t come easy but good things are achievable.

l encourage you with these words: Do not quite. Why the rich get richer is because they persist even when all efforts lead to failure. There are stumbling blocks on the road to success, but there will always be a power drive to scale through.

Feel free to share and drop your comments with any questions you might have, and l will be glad to connect with you.










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Written by: Ada

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  • Stephen Botwe

    Hey friend,

    I really like this post, it is very classic. I just read through it and I can see that anyone who reads this post can learn a lot. And this is an article that can help all to build their own online business and make money from it.

    This is true because, if you are to set up a home business to sell shoes, it will require that you have some capital to be able to start, as you mentioned. You may need a place to set up this business. At the same time you may need money to buy these shoes in bulk purchase. And I agree with you perfectly that the best way to start such a business is by considering an online.

    • Hi Stephen Botwe
      You are so right, l do tell people that no one pays you a coin for excuses or reason for non-performance.
      That one does not have a job because he or she cannot find a job is not a paying excuse, there are a lot of opportunities online to leverage on. l do admonish especially young people that they can be their own Boss using their computer and the internet together with their passion to be successful.
      Thanks for dropping by Stephen, l really appreciate your comment.