On-Page SEO: Primer Lesson That Guides To A Page Rank

 7 Core Basic On-Page SEO Element   As an Online Entrepreneur, certain terms, and techniques seemed confusing especially as a beginner. And one of such technical terms is On-Page SEO. Pay attention to this simple infographic because if you are looking for some practical methods of On-Page SEO that you can apply on your site,…

 7 Core Basic On-Page SEO Element


As an Online Entrepreneur, certain terms, and techniques seemed confusing especially as a beginner. And one of such technical terms is On-Page SEO.

Pay attention to this simple infographic because if you are looking for some practical methods of On-Page SEO that you can apply on your site, you are close to understanding it.

Going back to the basics to understand what is SEO, its way more beyond what SEO is all about.

When you Google SEO, you are going to get a different opinion on How On-Page SEO works or What is On Page SEO and so on. Everyone has its different approach to SEO and of course, am no different because it looks confusing.

But the difference is your own opinion will be based on kinds of stuff you have done and learned about SEO.

The first time I heard about SEO, this is what l found on Google.On Page SEO primer lesson





Well, this is really weird, as an Online beginner, this totally made no sense to me. It’s hard to read out what is the correct and right way because everyone has its own explanation and different opinions on who can do it better or not.

Try pay attention to this article because it will help you moving forward in your online success.

Truth be told, SEO is not a different language, but it’s a language you can easily learn and understand.

Here is a really basic understanding of On Page SEO.

On-Page SEO -Primer Lesson

On-Page SEO


Is the technical stuff you do on your site to rank. The strategy you use to get your site rank.

You might even say that its the stuff you do on your site to rank. it’s a hands-on process that you do on your website most especially on your Page on your website that affects the things you do to get ranked on the internet.



Stands for Search Engine Optimization. On-Page Search Engine Optimization is essentially what l just explained. It is simply the stuff that you do on your site to get your page rank on either Google, Yahoo or Bing. And it’s not more difficult than this, l really want to try to keep the understanding of this stuff simple and direct.


SEO is primarily for this people ⇓⇓

But it is also for this group of people ⇓⇓Audience are people who read your contentThese are people that you want to get in front of and that’s your audience, your audience is the ones who read your content and the way they find your content is typically through Google and the majority of it is found through the search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing.

On-Page SEO…..

For the Search Engine

Is to help Google understand your Page

Its also to help Google understand your targeted keyword

For the Readers

Its to help your visitors understand what they are about to visit or read.

This specifically centers on Meta titles, Meta description and so on. Note that you have to get the basic understanding of SEO which is (1). It’s for Google. (2). It’s for your Readers.

Both of them really work well together, as in side by side. Your Audience which is your readers need use Google to find you and Google, on the other hand, need to use people for their businesses to run services. They are essentially huge asset for your site.

Moving forward, the core question here is,

Why is SEO an essential asset?

  • SEO ranks your Page on Google
  • It attracts visitors to your website
  • It’s a skill you can learn.
  • You can teach SEO and earn a residual income
  • It ranks your pages on Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • You can help others with SEO by teaching it.

The average of 18,000 people is looking for SEO services on Search Engine. It is estimated that there are tons of opportunities in growing SEO as an asset. It’s a great asset to have.

Let’s break this down into the basic core On-Page SEO.

The Core Basic On-Page SEO Elements l know is what l learned from WEALTHY AFFILIATE under Jay Neil – Magistudio webinar.

There are 7 Core Basic On-Page SEO Element

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description
  • Keyword in Content
  • Alt Tag within an image
  • Internal Link
  • External Link
  • On-Page Video

Let’s further break this down on how to use these elements on your page using the All-in-One SEO Plugin.

All in One SEO Plugin. Download Here

Meta Title:

This is the title that shows up in the search engine result, it is the title of your post or page, a field where you enter your SEO title tag. It’s usually maximum of 60 characters.

See an example below⇓⇓

Meta Title






Meta Description: 

This is the description that shows up in the search engine result usually maximum of 160 characters. It’s a description the search engine may display in their search, it shows beneath the title in the search result.

See an example below ⇓⇓

Meta Description



Keyword in Content:

It’s where you enter your meta keyword that will be used for your post or page. Ensure that you have your targeted Keyword within the content.There is no strategic placement for this as long as it is relevant to the paragraph of your page or post. Gone are the days when Keyword density is needed, but the world of SEO has changed.


Alt Tag within an image:

This is the Keyword that describes your image. When you hover over an image, a tag show, it is also used for people who are visually impaired. It’s good assets. Its purpose is for Google and for people who are reading the content on your website. But make sure it makes human sense if you want to have an Alternative tag within an image.

Internal Link:

This is a link that goes to another post or page on your website. It is very important part of having your On-Page SEO. It’s very underutilized. Read more on How to use and understand keywords, Click Here

External Link:

This is the link that leaves your site and goes to another website, that is, it goes to another some sort of authority site. The reason for this is that the Search Enginwantssw to see that you are not link hurdling by having the only Internal link and no link leaving your site, it doesn’t have to be on every page. The reason for this is that Google likes to see your link diversity and that you are creating relevant links to authority site that are relevant to what you are saying.

This is an example of External Link ⇓⇓



On-Page Video:

This is the video you embedded on your page or page. It could be your personal video or external video. It’s not necessary on all your post or page.

When you apply this simple technique to your post and pages, you definitely will start seeing ranks and traffic that might lead to conversions on your site.

Please feel free to ask any question you have, and if you have any contribution to this article, you are more welcome. Like and share so that others can benefit.


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