versus Dollarinpocket – A Scam or Legit? – Find Out… or Dollarinpocket Review – legit or another handy scam?

Today l want us to look at a review on a website called which l discovered that has a similar trait as Dollarinpocket.



Website: http://

Owner: ???

Price: “Free to join”

Rating: ……….

What is or Dollarinpocket? Is it a scam? Or a legitimate way to get involved and earn some money online? Is there a possibility of anyone making money out of this program or from the job or earn money offer?

What does or Dollarinpocket look like?

l got an offer from the above online marketers to sign up and invite people to a particular link and start earning some cool money by just crossing my leg and sipping a cup of coffee.

Actually, l signed up for this program because l am an online earner but l don’t just jump at every online offer that comes my way, l do take out my time to go through the offer and do an extensive research on such, and that is just what l did!.

My Findings: or Dollarinpocket is the same as Jobjite and a total Scam owned by the same person or group of people. Why he keeps on changing the names is what l don’t understand, ok if they are not the same, maybe they share the same ideas and same passion, or they are related by birth.

The owner of the site found that there are many complaints on the internet about Jobjite and Dollarinpocket so he came up with this recent name called but the domain is closely related.
Please beware that both, Dollarinpocket, and Jobjite are from the same parent. So be careful especially online Newbies.

My further research shows that, Dollarinpocket, claims to be an online advertising company that allows members to earn money through their website.

What Is The Offer?

1. You Register an account
2, You Share your link that can be found inside the member’s area
3. You earn money when someone visits the site through your link.

On the right-hand side of homepage, the website statistics showed:
Total Earned Today: $73,393
Total Paid Today : $84,328.
They claimed that their top earners earn up to $1000+ per month on clicks and referrals.


Wow! Smooth operator! l wonder how much they are making from the referrals to be so kind to dish out such an amount of money on a daily basis. l wish earning potential money is so easy, nobody would need a 9/5 hustling and bustling job, all Bosses would have been fired, indeed a potential way to earn $1000+ each month just to share your referral link? Anyways, that seems an easy way to earn money right?

Be sure that this website owners passion is to provide fake offers to attract people to their website only to make money for their pockets. They don’t have your interest in mind or to pay anyone.

Earning money is not so easy as they claim. My candid advice is to stay away from this sites and avoid being scammed.

If you are looking for a good and trusted site which really pays especially when you want to earn money online, then you can start by clicking this link.

  Wealthy Affiliate – My 1-# Recommendation.

Further research shows that there are other similar sites that provide this kind of offer, for example, Income4living etc. The truth here is that these sites use the same theme and providing the same kind of mind blowing offers. You can only see a difference in the web name but the offer, the business model, and link referral are same and doesn’t seem real.



If you are starting your online career and so eager to make money online or looking for easy way to make money, don’t fall for this trick because you are their main target, and be informed that earning money online requires hard work, the same way you work hard offline, same applies to online. It is a persistence, thoughtful hard working process. It doesn’t just come easy as this sites claim it to be.

Their $10 offer for every link visit is an equivalent to an hour job, and you will just make such just by a link visit?.
No online company can offer this kind of rate on a link click.
A genuine online offer pay in cents or not more than $0.03

Dollarinpocket requires you to reach $300 before you can be paid and this is as a result of the “higher the minimum cash threshold, the more people you will have to refer and the more emails to sell”.
Yet they don’t pay and still tell you to take a survey before you can get your payment.

Sometimes the surveys come with making a payment which when you complete, they will get a commission. Another way they make money is by selling your information to third parties.

No detailed information about the owner except email which l tried to message using the email address, but got an undelivered message which l know that the email address does not exist, there is a lot of fishy deals behind this two websites

       Final Verdict ⇒⇒⇓⇓Be sure that you can achieve whatsoever dream you set your mind if you refuse to give up or be discouraged.

As l mentioned earlier, there is no quick, and fast way in online earning, it comes with a process. If you want to know how you can start an online business in a simple way, click here.

 Feel free to share, and leave your comments and questions below if you need further clarification and l will be glad to connect with you.

Stay positive and successful in all you do.

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Written by: Ada

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  • Kumar

    Thanks for this review. I suspected it was a scam but you have confirmed it for me.

    • Hi Kumar,
      You are so right, it is a confirmed scam and am glad that you did not jump at their false offer. Online success and earning is a much more organized and thriving process that if followed genuinely can turn to a steady and potential success.
      Thanks for dropping by and l wish you success in the online world.