How to use and understand keyword – A Guide To Digital Content

 How to understand and use Keywords for a Website the Proper Way.

Keyword - A Guide To Digital Contenet


A Keyword is simply a word or phrase people search for in the search engines. A relevant Keywords is like an umbrella that guides your website or Niche
Every time you do a Google search, for example, “how to earn money online”, you are entering a “Keyword” into the search box.


Keyword Search


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Example of a keyword searchKeywords are not difficult to find and to use if properly understood. You should also know that keywords are the root of all your search engines optimization success. A keyword is simply a Guide to Digital Content.
The goal of Keywords and its ultimate is to get you ranking in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, all while attracting a relevant audience.

For example, 100 pages targeted 100 keywords = 100 potential Google rankings.

Google and other search engines are existing because of CONTENT and if you are able to deliver a quality content that can target low competition keywords, it can earn you good competition ranking.

You will agree with me that anyone looking for an online presence, be it a local business, Affiliate-driven business or online need to understand the proper use of Keywords and a tool to find Keyword.

A website owner should be able to understand how to find keywords for a website, which is imperative to the search engine success, but all of this starts with understanding how to research keywords.
Keywords are the center and focus of your success in online business.

Let’s try to make it simple here if you can leverage the opportunity of this process of keyword research.

Moving forward, l will like to show you THREE things to have in mind while doing a Keyword research for your website.

The 3 Main Pillars of  Good and Effective Keyword Research

  • Low Competition
  • Getting Traffic
  • Must Make Sense


This is the number one focus when doing keyword research. Don’t consider a keyword that has too much competition, it is dangerous. Low competition is seen as the main focus because of ranking.

The reason for this is that without being able to rank (and do so efficiently,) there won’t be any traffic.

Use and Understand KeywordsSo no rankings = No point!

When I look for competition, I look for a specific metric called QSR  (Quote Search Results)The only one tool that offers this piece of data in an efficient way is Jaaxy.  And yes, this tool is very useful for keyword research.

QSR allows you to determine the EXACT number of competing pages in Google….which is your REAL competition. It is good to go for QSR of under 300 (that is, 300 competing pages in Google), the closer to ZERO the better.

First Keyword Pillar: Under 300 QSR.



You may ask what is ‘Traffic’? This is getting people to visit your  website, and they are your audience and remember going through traffic is a lineup or cue, in other words, Don’t go for “home run” keywords, rather settle for bunt singles all day that can get ranked no sense in getting rankings under a high volume, but high competition keyword.

You can go for a search term that gets over 50 searches per month because the low volume keywords add up when you start ranking them.  Get 1st-page rankings in the search engines under 10, or 20….0r 100 of these and you will be sure of a better conversion.
The lower competition, moderate traffic keywords are typically more relevant and convert better anyway.  Another added bonus.

Second Keyword Pillar:  Over 50 searches per month.


Be sure to create a meaningful and targeting Keywords on your page or post. This means that your pages and posts should have the opportunity to rank under the given Keyword in Google and be able to turn to conversions. Don’t fudge content together when you are using a keyword.

Keep your Keyword simple, interesting and meaningful for your readers.

In other words, your keyword must make sense to people because we are writing content for our audience, not for search engines.

Third Keyword Pillar: Must make sense to people.



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Take a topic or theme from your website and plug it into the search tool above. Follow the above THREE search principles and you will be super successful in finding the right Keyword for your Content, trust me.

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If you have any questions about keyword research or how to find quality keywords to use on your website, feel free to drop your comment below and l will be glad to connect with you.

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Written by: Ada

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  • I agree that keywords are so important when it comes to marketing your website! I’m glad you explained this in a clear an concise way.
    The three pillars make it easy to remember! Jaaxy sounds like a great tool – Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Kayla,
      Am glad you read my article. You are so right, Keywords are so important when it comes to marketing your website, its just
      like a well spiced and tasty food. And yes, Jaaxy Tools are very great and quite helping to use.
      Thanks for dropping by and hoping to see you more often.
      Cheers and success to you.