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             Steps To Monetize Your Blog Or Website




How do you monetize your website or better still, What best way and how do you go about it. There is no out of the world avenue or things to do if you want to earn money from your blog or website. It is a one step straight forward approach which if properly followed, you will earn financially from your Online presence.

l often advise and encourage people to make a presence Online through your passion and what you can do best. You can’t have a business without creating an Online presence. Anyways, that is a free info from me which is one of my passion, giving useful information to my esteemed readers.

Listed below are best different ideas on how to make money with a website. If you don’t have a Website or a Blog yet, you can get yours set up within 30 minutes – Click here to get started

Create your presence online and let the world know what you are made of because you are a solution provider. If you follow this steps, you will start engaging your online business and earning money with your website from now on.

Are you new to the online world? See how it goes with Earning Money Online.

  • Google AdSense

    Amazon Associates

    Affiliate Program

    Create your own product

    Email List and Newsletter

 1. An Insight on Google AdSense

Because Google dominates the search engine industry, it has become the best and easiest route to monetize a website and all you need to do is to install Google AdSense. Google AdSense is a professional way you need to generate income to your website. With this on your side is a good success.
When you incorporate AdSense on your website, you are simply ‘renting out ad space’ on your website to Google and you know ads are not free, there is always a fee attached to advertising.

     The Pros:
* It has an easy approval
* The installation is quite easy and simple
* It pays out easily
* The user search history is controlled by Google, adding it to multiple websites is simple and relevant to the users
* Sometimes, it comes with pay by click

   The Cons:
* The payout is small when compared to other affiliate programs, but you will definitely get paid each time someone clicks on your ad – and l personally like that part.
* You can only get paid when you make up to a $100 – l feel it’s a long wait, especially for starters.
* You must have your own domain name before you get approved – though once approved, you can add multiple sites of your choice
* Get ready for the ads once it’s approved, you have no control over what is showing up on your website – l personally don’t like this part

2. Insight on Amazon Associates.

Amazon is worth $Billions and one of the biggest leading industry in the online marketing world. Amazon Makes It Easy To Promote Their Products by giving HTML code you can embed in your site which lists the products you select for promotions.
Amazon when approved, you can advertise any of the products or all of it as you want, and this is similar to affiliate marketing
Any product and services are listed on Amazon and for me, this is a huge advantage.
Initially, l go on Amazon, play around and feel good with all the beautiful products and sometimes make one or two purchases, but l never knew that l could be making money for myself from the site. THE POWER OF INFORMATION

    The Pros:
* Never difficult to get started
* It has a step by step tutorial for approval
* Signing and registration is easy and simple
* It has the most simple steps to find products and place on your website.
* Product selection is categorized in different Niche
* The Minimum payout is only $10 (by direct deposit or Amazon Gift Card) for U.S based people and $100 minimum for Non-U.S based or other countries

    The Cons:
* Amazon don’t pay much on their commission as other programs
* There is a $15 processing fee on a cheque of $100 – I don’t like that, this is much for a processing fee.
* The cookie has a small duration compared to other Affiliates
* You have to make sales within your first 6 months otherwise your account will become invalid – my account has been shot down before, but l refused to give up….

 3. Insight on Affiliate Programs

I personally recommend Affiliate Programs to anyone (1) who doesn’t have a job and need to work or to start something with yourself (2) who has a Blog or a Website and need to monetize it. (3) who doesn’t have a product of their own and wants to go into business
It is a great way to sell other peoples products online.

  • Below are some popular Affiliate websites you can leverage on



    CJ Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate – my #1


    The Pros:
* There is no limit on what program to choose
* The possibility of making huge money with Affiliates is vast
* You will have access to wide range of communities
*You can control what ads go on your website – you call the shots

    The Cons:
* To navigate Affiliate sites, you have to get the proper training – Here is my Recommendation on getting the RIGHT TRAINING
* If you are not able to sell any of the products, you won’t get a commission – Sales are all based on commissions.
* Getting approval from most of the Affiliate without an existing traffic is difficult – Wealthy Affiliate is quite simple and easy, all you need to do is JUST SIGN UP.


 4. Insights on Personal Product.

Here, you will have an opportunity to sell your own products or Products you buy. It is a good avenue to showcase your brand and nothing gives so much joy to see your creativity being sorted after.


 5. Newsletter and Email list

This is a good lead in monetizing your website, capturing your visitor’s emails and sending out Newsletters. Sumo and Mail Chimp are good programs that offer features that give visitors an option of signing up for newsletter whenever you create a new post.

One more thing, its ok if you choose to be an affiliate only website or blog, an AdSense only website, or utilize both, remember it is your domain, your back office, make good of it by creating a good user experience.

Your readers are your top priority, carry them along and be a solution provider to their needs.
Being able to sell your products depends on the traffic you are able to drive to your website, the quality of your Content and how engaging your topics are given creates a firm hold on your followers.

Feel free to like and share, leave your comment and questions and l will be glad to help.




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Written by: Ada

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  • RichPersonality

    Affiliate marketing is absolutely the best option when it comes to monetizing your website because the income can be quite big from this one. I like both, google ads and affiliate marketing. I don’t like not being able to control the ads shown on your website but there’s still good money that can be made with google ads, especially if you get a lot of traffic.

  • Dave

    Hey there,

    I have been on the web for almost two years bow andiI would get started with Google AdSense. I have started using other crafty ways but I was not accepted by Google.

    Is there a training you vcan refer me to that walks people through everything about it from the start to the end, to the point where you start making money?

    I would be most pleased if you helped me. Thanks in advance.

    • Ada

      Hi Dave

      Thanks for joining us and your desire to become successful online.

      Earning money online is a thought-out process and with time you will start to eat the fruit of your labor. Don’t get discouraged about Google Ad-Sense but follow up with the corrections and observations given and don’t quite in trying.

      Below is a training l used which has helped me in moving forward. l believe this can help you out.

      Click Here