10 Ways To Start A Business With Zero Money

Start a business with zero money

In our world today nothing has seemed impossible if you are in the know. I have found the Online world as one marketplace to start a business with little or no money and sit back to watch it grow.

How have you handled the entrepreneurial bug? at an arm’s length, or at a wit end, whatsoever the case, it is possible to start a new business with little or no money especially when you have the right combination of skills, ideas, and marketing know-how

As an Entrepreneur, don’t put your amazing business idea on hold just because you have no money to jumpstart. Your business idea can always get off the ground whether you have a major capital or not. All it can cost you to start is to Start!

Do you know that the best way to start a business is to be in business? Do you also know that the best way to start a business is to have an idea?  And the idea you have precedes your determination. 

But the sad thing is some people give up easily on the line while some remain focused on what they believed in. 

Some will say, l have got a great idea of business but no money, while some will say, l have some cash but don’t know what to do with it, whichever way it comes, Follow these simple set ideas and know Ways You Can Start A Business With Zero Money.


  1. Develope your idea of business through your passion
  2. Create your idea of business based on your audience
  3. Be creative and gather as much information as possible
  4. Desire to learn and improve in your art
  5. Build your business on what you know and have
  6. Sit back and have a thorough thought out of your idea and plan
  7. Beleive in yourself and remain focused on what you know
  8. Utilize the free advertising and marketing platforms
  9. Dedicate everything to make the business a success
  10. Don’t look at the Zero pocket, focus on your idea and passion

Part of Entrepreneurship is that it will be difficult, yes it will even be stressful but don’t let limited capital or zero money or discouragement keep you from playing the game of success.




Just as you want to start your business on a zero money or no capital, focus on running your online store in a free marketplace, a platform that offers free services and allows you to sell your physical or digital goods for free. An example of such free marketplace is Shopify and Storenvy, there are other free platforms you can search out on your own personal research.




2.) HANDMADE CRAFTS – Handmade crafts (embedded video) have become my best creativity and idea because it is born naturally. The beauty and satisfaction found in this are that, there is a transition from making things for your self and natural instinct to making things to the satisfaction of others. Allow your focus to be on what people will actually want to buy.


3.) HANDMADE ART – Get your artistic instincts into limelight, don’t just create, draw or design if you have the art but push it out to the satisfaction of others,  use the online world to announce your creativity, find a way to show others your work, teach and educate people on what you do and know. CLICK FOR IDEAS


4.) FOOD AND ENTERTAINMENT – If you have a passion for cooking and entertainment, it is possible to walk away from your day job and earn a good living from writing and blogging about your menu. The breakfast you prepare for your family each morning has its own unique touch and nutrient which another family might not know about. If you have a passion for cooking and preparing menu, see beyond personal consumption and push it to the world to see and learn from you.


5) TAKING PHOTOS – Do you know that the photos that are stocked up on your device can actually start earning a decent living for you? All you need is information and the best way to go about it. You can cash in on your photo addiction by selling your photos on these websites.


6) HAIR CRAFT – If you are born naturally or trained with the skill of making hair with your hands, you are on the verge of earning a good income with the works of your hands. Don’t wait until you get hired, get creative with what you know how to do best and push out your work for the world to see. Start taking pictures and videos of your work and go social to earn money.


7) WRITING CRAFT – If you are skilled or talented in writing, there is every possibility that those books you’ve written and achieved have a chance of giving you a lifetime earning. You don’t have to wait for money to publish your books, go digital and publish your work as E-BOOK


8) USE SOCIAL MEDIA – Leverage the power of social media for huge exposure. This applies to all fields of profession, use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest Instagram. Monetize your social media forum and collaborate with folks in your industry, join engagement pods and threads and participate in the forum, all you need here is followers and how much people you can reach.


9) SET UP A WEBSITE The age and time we are in now are blessed with wonderful opportunities, especially in the online world. You need a Website for whatever business you are doing. I created my website with WordPress and self-hosted. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO


10) START BLOGGING – This is a way of posting articles or new post, information and sharing up-to-date news and article, gossips…. You can blog about anything you are passionate about and watch it grows with an ardent audience. Blogging is not limited in any way and it is one good way to start a lucrative business with zero or no money. Read more about Blogging and how to start

If you are talented in any field of work, use the above method and earn lucratively with what you know how to do best.

Feel free to drop your comments and questions below, remember to share and let other people be in the know.

start a business with zero money

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Written by: Ada

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  • Karis

    I have a great business idea which l don’t know how to go about it this page has helped me put my ideas together and am ready to shoot. thanks

    • Hi, Karis
      Good to know that you have a head start on your dreams, but remember that the best way to start a business is to start, don’t wait,
      go for it and trust me, you will definitely succeed in it. All the best.

  • Warren

    Hi, Ada. These are all wonderful ideas and it all boils down to an exchange of value on line. Whether you are selling crafts, pictures or doing affiliate marketing, it’s a matter of buyer and seller meeting up. I also really like your introduction on doing the mental things that will lead to success, mainly to believe in yourself. Thanks for the good ideas and inspirations. Well done.

  • RN Didi

    I love the 10 ways to start a business you wrote about.
    I particularly have affection for no. 9 and 10. I made my own website, started my own blog and while I’m still working on it, I’m anxious to reap the benefits.

    I’m in the wellness and health sector, and through blogging, I’ve found a passion. I didn’t know I had it in me until I tried it. And I think that goes on for all the other ways to make money: you have to love it, and not necessarily do it for the money in the first place. It has to become a passion.

    Great post!

    • Ada

      Thanks RN Didi.

      Am glad your on the success line using what you love best to do- your passion.

      Keep it going and do not relent.

      l wish you success in all you do.

  • Hello Ada, this is a very wonderful and informative blog you got here. These are wonderful online opportunities for anymore trying to make some decent money online. I currently have my own niche website and trying to make it successful overtime. I wish you nothing but success and don’t give up on what you are doing!!!

    • Hi Ahmad,
      Am glad you found some useful tips on online earning here.
      Be confident that your niche website will make huge success.
      l wish you good in all you do, All the best.

  • Hi

    This is such a useful article that you have written and has given me so many ideas moving forward.
    many thanks

  • Rob S.

    These are some pretty good ideas for starting a business with no money.
    For me it’s blogging. I could write every day. It’s my passion and you have to be passionate about whatever you decide on.
    Building a website is creative and exciting. Wealthy Affiliate is the platform for starting your website to a business with no money.
    But out of the others you have listed, is there any that you feel are better than the others/

    • Ada

      Hi Rob,

      There is no business idea that is better than the other, but like you rightly said , its your passion and determination that counts to the level of success one can achieve, and again, Wealthy Affiliate has all it takes to achieve this.